Meet Ragie!
Incredibly Perfectionist and Experienced Guy

"When you want something, all the universe will help you achieve it!"
- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

the story of my life goes like this!

I am Ragie T. Montes, 24 years old. I live at #21 Lower Jasmin St., Brgy. Payatas A, Quezon City. I belong to a nuclear family.
I live with my parents and siblings. My parents are Raul R. Montes, 45 years old, a laborer and Julieta T. Montes, 43 years old, a plain housewife.
I also have two siblings namely; Jeric T. Montes, 21 years old, a Grade 10 student and Judie T. Montes, 19 years old, a freshman college student.
Unfortunately, both our parents did not finish their studies, they cannot find a permanent job and do not have enough earnings
to support our financial needs for our studies.

At present, I am an active member of Knights of the Altar (KOA) in our chapel here at Brgy. Payatas.
In 2004, I was also a member of KOA in our chapel at San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

After two years I was elected as the president and I handled the organization for almost four years.
As the president, I was given a privilege to run for candidacy and fortunately elected as one of
the Sangguniuang Kabataan Councilors in our barangay.
For three years, I have satisfactorily served my fellow youth in our barangay. After our term as a public servant,
I was given a task to handle another ministry in our chapel the Youth Ministry.
These leadership experiences built and helped me a lot to develop my personality and skills in terms of leadership.
I have learned and developed a strong sense of responsibility and commitment,
at the same time how to deal with people of all walks of my life.

Currently, I am a third year college student in Quezon City Polytechnic University,
taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.
Prior to taking up a bachelors degree, I have finished a two-year degree course
i.e. Industrial Technology major in Electronics at Bulacan Polytechnic College San Jose del Monte Campus,
wherein I had passed the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) assessment test
for National Certificate II (NC II) in Consumer Electronics.
I had finished this two-year degree course while I was a part-time bagger and merchandiser in a supermarket.
For almost five (5) years, I had been an employee of Sermasion Corporation that assigned to different retails.
But having a two-year degree course is not enough for me to find a better job.
Because of this reason, I decided to pursue my study and take a bachelors degree course.

I strongly believe on this: I never dream to become a rich person someday,
but I just want to make a change, a change that will uplift my family from poverty.

To help my parents at the same time my siblings to have a better future by supporting them to finish their studies.